Our skilled pediatric dentist may recommend a dental crown if your child’s tooth has been damaged. We offer both stainless steel and tooth-colored crowns and will work with your child to determine which type of crown is right for their needs. To learn more about pediatric dental crowns in Hixson, Tennessee, and schedule a consultation with Dr. David Barto, contact Barto Pediatric Dentistry at 423-877-2443.

Children’s teeth are at great risk for developing cavities, and even though baby teeth are temporary, they still play a vital role in your child’s smile. If your child develops more severe tooth decay, our pediatric dentist will most likely recommend that they be treated with dental crowns. Pediatric crowns are an excellent option for children with extensive tooth decay or who have received a pulpotomy.

There are several benefits to dental crowns, including:

  • Durability
  • Complete protection for the tooth
  • Little to no tooth sensitivity after treatment
  • Reduced likelihood that further treatment will be needed
  • Greater success in restoring a tooth than fillings in young children
  • Effective space maintenance for the permanent teeth

Crowns typically take two appointments to complete. During your child’s first visit, our pediatric dentist will prepare them to receive the crown and take impressions from which the crown will be made. At the second appointment, our pediatric dentist will check that the crown fits properly and bond it permanently into place. We will take special care throughout your child’s entire experience to help them feel comfortable and give them a positive dental experience.

We invite you to call for more information about dental crowns or to schedule your child’s appointment with our caring pediatric dentist and team